Application sectors

PRECIMETAL is the partner of numerous European industrial companies and produces precision cast parts used in the most varied fields:


  • Structural parts, connectors, mechanics, landing gear components, static parts and engine casings, seat attachments, securing systems, etc. for civil and military aeronautics; airplanes, helicopters and gliders, as well as ground equipment.


  • Fixed and mobile parts under great stress, structural parts, fine mechanical components for very high-speed machines for:
    agricultural, textile, printing, packaging and grinding machines, equipment for processing, transporting and packaging food, civil-engineering machinery, rail and road transport.
  • Mechanical parts, flanges, vanes, impellers, bodies of valves and pumps for industrial and chemical applications, under high pressure, working at high temperatures, in corrosive environments, etc.
  • Hardware, tools, safety parts.


  • Structural parts and supports
  • Mechanisms
  • Components
  • Electronic units