PRECIMETAL guarantees the compliance of the product and associated services through its quality management system. The quality management system is organised and certified according to the standards ISO9001, aerospace AS/EN9100.

Beyond these certifications and legal requirements, PRECIMETAL works in a process of total quality.
Its objectives are defined and supported by
a programme of continuous improvement and company transformation;
its strategy : PACTE


The PACTE concept is based on:

  • Treatment and refusal of non-quality.
  • Risk management (e.g.: amdec process).
  • Monitoring indicators on quality and the efficiency of processes.
  • Operational excellence, lean manufacturing.
  • Control and repeatability of processes.
  • Collaborative responsiveness in coping with problems.
  • Appropriate management of resources.
  • Continuous training in safety, quality, techniques and automated control.
  • Redistribution of collective and individual responsibilities.
  • Long-term investment policy.

with an overall objective of

Certification ISO 9001
Certification AS-EN 9100
Certification NADCAP
Quality Policy – Declaration of the management

Quality control – Compliance of the product

The quality of the delivered product is ensured through a systematic final inspection carried out with modern, standardised, calibrated and validated equipment.
The inspection reports and the certificates required guarantee the compliance of the product with the needs expressed and requirements defined by the customer.
The quality records are archived, available and supplied on demand.

Well before the final inspection, the quality of the product is checked and validated at the different stages of manufacture:

  • Quality of raw materials and specific consumables: qualified suppliers, technical acceptance on site.
  • Quality of wax models: inspection, validation, maintenance of injection tools.
  • Quality of refractory moulds: robotised lines, physicochemical checks, process repeatability.
  • Quality of the alloy: efficient melting installations, analysis and spectrometric validation of each casting.
  • Surface quality: high-grade materials at all stages of manufacture (wax, coating, metal, sand), innovative technique of knock-out using water.
  • Unitary visual check: according to the standards of precision casting and the specific requirements of customers.
  • Check on geometric distortions: calibration on sensitive presses, at high pressure or during more specific manual operations.
  • NADCAP certification and qualification by aerospace buyers:
    Non-destructive inspections (dye-penetration test, magnetoscopy, digital radiography) allow the metallurgical soundness requirements to be directly validated on site. These techniques also benefit the optimisation of the industrial development of foundry blanks.
    The special techniques are carried out by trained personnel in qualified installations.
  • The subcontracted operations, such as thermal treatments, surface treatments or machining are carried out at experienced, qualified and often certified contractors.
  • Efficient processing and preventive monitoring of feedback from manufacturing, from the customer and from other partners.

All of the quality activities of PRECIMETAL are certified according to the most demanding standards and specifications.
They are validated on the product through a first-item dossier approved by the customer before any series production (“FAI” dossier, EN9102).
They are organised, controlled and audited according to the standards of buyers in sectors as demanding as aerospace (e.g.: Airbus – Grams – IPCA, Safran Group).

PRECIMETAL wants to be the quality partner attentive to the customer, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.