In brief

Specialist in precision casting by the lost wax technique, PRECIMETAL produces parts from 1 g to 50 kg in small, medium and large series in all grades of steel, including stainless, and in most alloys of cobalt, copper and nickel.

During its 65 years of existence, PRECIMETAL has already produced nearly 10,000 different parts for about 600 European customers covering all industrial applications.

PRECIMETAL has invested heavily in buildings and sophisticated equipment to be able to fulfil all requests from its customers in terms of service, flexibility and reliability.

Rapid prototyping and simulation of the solidification of metal are amongst the services provided by PRECIMETAL to its customers.

PRECIMETAL holds the quality-assurance certifications ISO 9001; AS/EN9100; Nadcap®, … and numerous qualifications specific to the aerospace, defense and industrial sectors.

PRECIMETAL employs 90 persons in a modern factory, at the heart of the European motorway network, 40 minutes to the south of Brussels..


Founded in 1953 within the Gilson factories at La Croyère (B), PRECIMETAL established itself at Seneffe (B) in 1970 in its current premises, regularly enlarged and renovated.

Originally a family company, since 1991, PRECIMETAL has belonged to a large industrial group (Manoir Industrie, which then became Manoir Aerospace and lastly, Lisi Aerospace). In February 2017, PRECIMETAL was acquired by a new group of shareholders including most of its management supported by investment funds.

Frequent investments in increasingly modern equipment enable PRECIMETAL to offer its customers impeccable quality and unequalled process reproducibility. Over the last few years, the workshops for wax modelling and ceramic moulding have been entirely renovated and reorganised, radiographic inspection has changed to digital mode and the finishing workshop now has a semi-automatic system for removing refractory shells. The foundry, the heart of the factory, will be completely modernised and reorganised in 2018.

Since 1995, PRECIMETAL has had a unique system for managing its manufacturing flows by robotics. This system was modernised in 2015 and supplemented by an ultra-modern sequence planning software unit.

PRECIMETAL has always improved quality and its organisation system, enabling it to obtain the appropriate certifications: since 1987: AQAP4 from NATO, then ISO 9002, which became ISO 9001, then Qualifas certification, which became AS/EN 9100 (Aerospace), and ISO 13485 (Medical) in 2017. These certifications have each time been renewed and improved as the standards concerned evolve.

PRECIMETAL has an integrated IT system that meets the requirements of the 21st century, based on the most modern technologies in the matter. The design office is also equipped with computer-assisted design workstations using 3-D techniques.


  • Production capacity: 250 clusters per day (parts of a maximum of 500 cubic millimetres).

  • Melting capacity: 6 T per day.

  • Personnel: 125 experienced employees.

  • Clientele: 300 customers, mainly in western Europe, the USA, India, China and Australia.

  • Turnover: €10 million

  • Exports: 80%, most of them to the European Community.

  • Product range: Nearly 10,000 different parts made to date.

  • Equity capital:  €5 million.

  • Surface area: 7000 m² of factories, offices and warehouses.