Finished parts ready to use

In its production flows, PRECIMETAL includes all operations for finishing parts, carried out on site or by a network of partner subcontractors evaluated according to our strict standards and qualified in accordance with the requirements of our certifications.

PRECIMETAL performs the finishing of the part, including:

Simple or complex machining and CNC, including 5 axes in an air-conditioned room:
  • Turning / milling.
  • Threading / tapping.
Surface and thermal treatments:
  • Thermal treatments under vacuum, under atmospheric pressure,…
  • Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP).
  • With modification of the surface structure (Nitriding, surface hardening, induction hardening,…).
  • By coating (cadmium plating, zinc plating, painting,…).
  • With removal of the material (electro-chemical polishing, mechanical polishing, tribofinishing,…).
  • Marking (ink, engraving,…).
  • Crimping, welding, riveting,…
  • Including the supply of commercial or special components.
  • Unitary or grouped.
  • Blister packaging.
  • In polystyrene boxes.
  • Net protection, anti-rust,…

This service is carried out in PRECIMETAL facilities or by specialised subcontractors approved by the Quality System.
The customer therefore receives the components ready for assembly at the line.