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Technical assistance of experts in investment casting

Our engineers benefit from a long experience in investment casting and can help our customers designing parts to be realized according to the end use and the constraints of the process.

Widening a radius, a thickness for machining, placing positive or negative markings in the ideal place, are so many methods which reduce manufacturing costs and generally have no impact on the part's functional characteristics .


Engineering department using modern tools like CAD - CAM

Précimétal owns several workstations of computer-aided design (Unigraphics) that allows the design of the injection dies in 3D.

Digital drawings are converted into programmes for the production of the dies in our own premises.

Our CAD system allows the import of files saved under many format like: IGES, STL, STEP and PARASOLID.


Modern methods of simulation of mould completion and metal solidification.

Thanks to the assistance of research centres possessing the most sophisticated software packages in the matter, Précimétal realizes simulations of mould completion and metal solidification for the most complex parts.

These simulations help our engineers in quickly determining the best method to build assemblies wax models so as to guarantee a correct feeding and completion of the cavities of the mould, as well as a solidification of the metal assuring a healthy casting.

These methods are used on parts with complex geometry in order to prevent possible quality problems.


Metallurgical advices
  • Alloys
  • Heat treatments

Précimétal produces based on of the customer's material specifications. It is also able to offer, through its metallurgist engineers, expertise in the field of selection of materials, suitable heat treatments, criteria of use and foundry process.

Précimétal has acquired the experience for more than 200 of these and has permanently the necessary raw materials to elaborate about a hundred nuances of steel and Cu, Ni and Co alloys in standard.
The choice of the alloy depends mainly on the conditions of use of the part from mechanical, chemical, temperature point of views, etc....

The main alloys are mentioned in the technical information, with their chemical composition and typical values of their mechanical properties.


The heat treatments aim at the optimisation of the characteristics of the used alloy, whether to improve its mechanical behaviour, the resistance to corrosion, the resistance to the wear, etc. …

There are various treatments; each adapted to the concerned alloy. In the case of steels fthe following treatments can be applied: softening, normalization, quenching and hardening, homogenisation and precipitation. These treatments affect the parts in the depth.
On the other hand, treatments affecting the characteristics of the parts in surface (complete surface or limited surface) can be also executed. These are treatments of nitriding, cementation, flame hardening or quenching by induction and restoration in carbon.

Précimétal and its metallurgist engineers are their customers'disposal  to offer the most suitable combinations between the material, the heat treatments in the depth and the possible surface heat treatments.


Rapid prototyping facilities

For limited series of parts, the investment cost and the lead-time to produce the die can be avoided with the rapid prototyping techniques.

Model is realized according to various techniques, based on a digitized drawing.

This technique also allows to realize series of the same part without having to create an injection mould. This is also interesting to make tunings before the launch of more important series.


Finished parts, ready for use

Précimétal realizes the finishing of the parts including :

Simple or complex machining


Surface treatments

    Cadmium plating
    Mechanical or electro-chemical polishing


    Bolting, riveting


    Per unit or in batch
    Under blister pack
    In polystyrene boxes
    Protection with net

This service is proposed at the cost price, in Précimétal premises or by specialized subcontractors, approved by the Quality Assurance service.

The customer receives consequently, on assembly line, components ready for the assembly.


CIM adapted to the process and to the "Just In Time"

The production lead-time in the first phases until the casting depends on the process and is relatively linear. Thus, it does not generally create any problem. On the other hand, the operations of finishing, heat treatment, controls and those subcontracted (outside) depend on the end use of the part and the customer's specifications.

Managing this flow of products having different heterogeneous procedures is therefore challenging.

Précimétal uses a particularly sophisticated Computer Integrated Manufacturing system that manages these last operations for all the current production with optimisation of the lead-times.

This " Sophocle " system, specially developed for Précimétal, assures a "just in time" production including the tuning of possible delays. It also supplies all the information useful to manage the human workforces.


Personalized professional contacts

Précimétal assures that all your demands will be fulfilled in putting you in contact with the most suited persons to answer the question.

All the documents (quotations, orders confirmations, invoices, …) are issued in the language of your choice (French, English, Dutch, German)

Précimétal implements everything in order to satisfy your particular demands for administrative or control procedures.